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Greetings Beautiful!

I’m Teri Nichole Harrison, mompreneur, business-nista and believer in all things possible! Professionally, I‘m a success coach, life strategist and entrepreneur, but personally, I’m a woman just like you. I’ve been where you are and most importantly, understand where you’re going.

It took me some time to really get bold and take radical action towards my destiny. I was living an ambiguous existence.  I had goals but wasn’t reaching them.  I had potential but wasn’t using it.  I wanted more but wasn’t getting it.

On the outside, I wanted change, but on the inside, I was stuck.  Can you relate?

I was a serial intender,™ someone who continuously intends to do amazing things, but never actually does them. But I began to challenge myself, overcome obstacles and most importantly, take massive action towards my success. You can too!

That’s why I created Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide, the #1 “transformation experience” for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide is a personal development and business-strategy boutique for women leaders and entrepreneurs. Here, you are celebrated and encouraged to discover your inner magic,™  that audacious potential you have to transform your life and jumpstart your business. Here, you are empowered to RISE UP, TAKE ACTION and most importantly, BE EXTRAORDINARY.

Welcome to the Fearless & Fabulous Tribe!
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What kind of things you ask?
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